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    Telescopic mobile fence Usage: Safety fence is one of the life safety measures for site workers. All-insulated expandable fence is mainly used for maintenance of electrical equipments in power plant and substation, electric test, power distribution maintenance, railway, civil aviation, petrochemical and other large-size enterprises and organizations.
    Type: Insulating safety fence→ expandable insulating fence→ movable expandable insulating fence
    Material: High-strength FRP composite
    Normal specification: Height 1.2*4m 1.25m*2.5m

    1. Movable insulating fence is in red and white, with insulating copper tubes in the middle of fence supports on both ends. Multiple insulating copper tubes are connected into various rhombuses, making the tube red alternating with white, more conspicuous and easily visible from near and far. In this way, the protective effect of fence is more obvious. In addition, the fence color may be customized.
    2. Like plastics, the fences may be made in various bright colors to match city color design, and are free from reflective pollution of stainless steel.
    3. Light weight, easy for installation, resistant to impact, and high strength close to steel and four times of ordinary plastics.
    4. Resistant to corrosion and rust, free from maintenance, yearly painting not required, and basically no maintenance cost.
    5. No electromagnetic radiation, electromagnetic eddy current or damage to substation equipments, and resistant to lightning.
    6. Nails are mounted on one end of the fence supports, and hooks on the other end, making the fence easier for movement and use.
    7. Resistant to aging, and moisture resistance enhanced by waterproofing to ensure good insulation of FRP safety fence. The fence is bright-colored (red and white), elegant in design, flexible in use and freely expandable.
    8. The whole fence is composed of FRP copper tubes and supports. FRP is an insulating material resistant to aging, and its moisture resistance is enhanced by waterproofing to ensure good insulation of FRP safety fence. The fence is bright-colored (red and white) and durable. The support rods are fabricated with rigid light-weight FRP tubes, making it easy for movement and use.
    9. Economy: The product is moderately priced, long in service life and free from maintenance, showing high economical efficiency; furthermore, it is freely expandable, standardized, shapely and simple for operation.

    Use method:
    1. Move hooks on the fence supports out of the nails, and draw the retracted fence to the target position.
    2. After completion of construction, hold support on one end of the fence, and move toward the other end till the optimum retraction position; put hooks over nails on support on the other end to fix the retracted fence, and move the fence into the storage room of tools and articles. wholesale Security Fence

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