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    Automatically CCD alignment die cutter machine
    Two-step pressure control to achieve flexible and lower noise operation. It is suitable for multi-level factory buildings.
    Automatic Cutter Adjusting Mechanism can perform automatic adjustment according to the desired setting, providing 0.01mm accuracy (0.001mm optional).
    High-precision German steel plate is used to achieve higher durability and wear free operation.
    This machine uses advanced and durable hydraulic system and electronic control circuits.
    The machine is equipped with protection device to ensure the safety of the operator and the machine. (with CE optional).
    Applicable Material
    LCD(Liquid Crystal Display), EL Panel, Soft Print Circuit Boarda, Insulation Spacers, Self-adhesive Labels, Oil Seals, Membrane, thin Films, PE Foams, PVC, Aluminum Boadrs, Polarizers, and High-Precision Trim Presses For Copper, Aluminum and Tin.
    Thin Film Transistors: A wide range of high performance optical films.
    Touch Panels: optical adhesives, special adhesives, various printing film, ITO films, and sealants.
    Electronics: FPC, HDI, RFPC, fiberglass, printing material, insulation, EMI material.
    Conventional Industries: Processing of foam plate, oil seal, sticker, or any material with a back adhesive.
    This machine can be used to perform full-cut & half-cut high-precision cutting tasks for any materials (excluding metals).Hot sale CCD Alignment Punching Machine

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