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    Physical Dimensions
    ODBare Core Nominal34.29 mm1.350 in
    Coated Core (max)35.1 mm1.382 in
    IDBare Core Nominal23.37 mm0.920 in
    Coated Core (min)22.56 mm0.888 in
    HtBare Core Nominal8.89 mm0.350 in
    Coated Core (max)9.83 mm0.387 in
    Magnetic Dimensions
    AeEffective Magnetic Cross Section 0.454 cm²
    LeEffective Magnetic Path Length 8.95 cm
    VeEffective Core Volume 4.06 cm³
    WAMinimum Effective Window Area 4.00 cm²
    SASurface Area 41.4 cm²
    MLTMean Length Per Turn 4.35 cm
    Reference Perm.AL Value (nH/N²)AS SendustAF Fe-SiAPH Super SendustAH High Flux
    125µ79AS343125AF343125 AH343125
    147µ93AS343147 AH343147
    Approx. Unit Weight:23 g28 g23 g28 g
    Test Conditions
    WindingN=90, #22 AWG
    Frequency10 kHz
    Voltage0.18 V
    AL Tolerance±8%
    Magnet Wire Winging Data
    Wire SizeAWG810121416182022242628
    Single LayerTurns1621273443546885107134167
    Rdc(Ω)1.4 m3.0 m6.1 m12.2m24.6m49.1 m98.4 m195.6m391.5m779.8m1.5
    Full WindingTurns213250781201862884456891,0661,651
    Rdc(Ω)1.9 m4.5 m11.3m28.1m68.6m169.2m416.6m1.
    Coating/Packaging Information
    Coating TypeBlack Epoxy
    Voltage Breakdown2000 Vrms
    Limit0.1 mA, 5 s
    Package Quantity441 Pcs/Box
    G&M is able to customize the design to meet customers’ requirements.
    Sendust Cores(AS):
    Sendust Core is made from 6%Al,9%Si and 85%Fe. It is mainly used to replace iron powder core as its core loss is 80% less than the powdered iron, so it can be applied with the frequency above 8kHz. Sendust core has a saturation flux density of 1.05T and permeability from 14 to 250 . The nearly zero magnetostriction alloy makes sendust ideal for eliminating audible frequency noise. It is mainly applied in AC inductor, output inductor, in-line filter, power factor correction inductor etc. It can also be used as transformer core in some circumstances.
    Percent Initial Permeability vs.DC Magnetizing Force
    Percent Initial Permeability vs.Peak AC Flux Density
    Initial Permeability vs.Frequency
    Permeability vs. Temperature
    Sendust (AS) Core Loss
    Typical Applications:
    Workshop and equipment:
    Corporate honor:Customized Kool Mu Core

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