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    Slider Travel8mm
    Operating force10~50gf.cm
    Electrical Characteristics:
    Resistance RangeAny resistance as customer request
    Power rating0.05W 70 °C
    Max operating voltage50V
    Total Resistance error±20%
    Rotation life10000 times ΔR≤25%R(Reciprocate 10,000 times at a speed of 10~15 times reciprocation per minute with no-load in the ordinary temp and humidity.)
    Slide potentiometer
    The skeleton and the substrate are usually made of a material having good insulating properties, and are required to have heat resistance, moisture resistance, electrical insulation, chemical stability and thermal conductivity, and have only a certain mechanical strength. Generally, there are laminated paper sheets, laminated sheets, plastics, ceramics, glass, and copper, aluminum, and aluminum alloys whose surfaces are insulated. The metal substrate with insulating surface should have sufficient surface insulation. The skeleton matrix has good heat dissipation properties and is easy to form.China Slide Potentiometer suppliers

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