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    Operation mode:mechanical type
    Warm-up time: 10 seconds
    Rated voltage: 220V
    Rated power: 1450W
    Rated frequency: 50HZ
    Rated capacity: 0.3L
    steam pressure: 3Bar
    Color box size: 20*12.5*34CM
    Single product net/gross weight: 1.46Kgs/1.72Kgs
    Carton size (6): 41*38.5*36CM
    Box net/gross weight: 10.32Kgs/11.03Kgs
    Power line length: 4MRated frequency: 50/60Hz
    Rated power: 900-1500W
    Steam pressure: 3.5Bar
    Rated voltage: 220-240V
    Container capacity: 300ML
    Temperature controller: 135℃
    Product net weight: 1.3KG
    Measuring Cup
    Towel spray head
    towel sleeve
    Round brush nozzle
    Flat brush type spray head
    long mouth spray head
    Curved spray head
    Extension hose
    Dishwashing sinks, cabinet handles, hoods, cutting boards, trash cans and other steam to kill the dead bacteria in the bathroom
    Curved spray head(Suitable for cleaning dirt on corners of ceramic tiles, sinks in lavatory sinks, inside troughs in toilet bowls, etc. High-temperature steam quickly dissolves water stains, and oil stains are used to clean hard-to-remove stains, eliminating the need for chemical cleaners)
    Towel sprayer (clean sofa. Bed, pillows, mats, plush toys, ironing clothes, etc. apply towel spray head can be disinfected, sterilized, ironed flat, a multi-purpose. Make household cleaning easier and less worry)
    long mouth spray head(long mouth spray head are suitable for cleaning narrow areas such as the bottom of sinks and home crevices, making it easy to clean areas that are difficult to clean by conventional cleaning.)
    Flat brush type spray head(For cleaning glass, mirrors, tiles, etc., you can use the glass brush assembly, install the two slots under the steam brush on the two hooks under the glass brush, and then push the steam brush up and down into the glass brush pivot.)
    Surface: quickly remove dust, trash and surface dust mites.
    Middle layer: steam dissolves stains, milk stains, bacteria and oil stains.
    Deep: Infiltration of furniture pores to eliminate potential bacteria dust mites
    First, steam the cleaning machine is placed on the platform, press the safety cap, rotate the safety helmet counterclockwise, and put the funnel on. Add the right amount of water into the container and add it back to tighten the safety helmet.
    About 3 minutes after the power is turned on, you can lightly press the steam button to check if any steam is blown out.
    If steam blows out, loosen it and follow your needs, then install the appropriate accessories.
    Press the steam button again to achieve the operation you need.
    (The steam time is not as long as the page is advertised.)
    Answer: The number of outlet holes in different nozzles is different, resulting in inconsistent air output, so the use time is the type of nozzles.
    (After the steam cleaner is used, the lid cannot be opened?)
    Answer: This product is manufactured in German safety standard. It has steam protection function. When it is steam, it can’t be unscrewed. It needs to clean the steam inside.
    (The steam temperature is not as high as advertised?)
    Answer: because the steam heat dissipation is very high, so far away, it will feel warm. The warm clothing of the inner steam is about 105 degrees.
    (The cleaning effect of stubborn stains is not good?)
    Answer: The machine adopts the principle of high-temperature dissolution. Simple stains can be directly dissolved. Obstinate and non-responsive need to be used with detergents. If you do not want to use cleaners, it is best to clean it repeatedly.
    Pour water
    Add the cup and funnel to the water that grants 350ML. Do not fill the container to avoid accidents.
    Straight nozzle
    Steam regulating valve
    Power light
    Water tank
    Through-hole needle
    Towel sleeve
    Ironing brush
    Round brush
    Window brush
    High-temperature sterilization (steam cleaner can kill 99.99% of bacteria and aphids)
    (E. coli, Staphylococcus, Staphylococcus aureus, Enterococcus hirae)
    High-temperature steam can be produced and liquefied very quickly, breaking down stubborn dirt and grease instantly.
    The high temperature can effectively impact the protein structure in bacteria, so as to effectively achieve the purpose of sterilization
    Clean the stains under the glass
    Clean the stains under the faucet
    Clean the stains in the bathroom
    Clean up the stains on the photo frame
    Internal descaling function
    (the scale of the inside of the machine)
    Not a button
    Power light Steam Cleaner

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