Axis & Allies 1941

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Designer(s)     Larry Harris

Publisher Wizards of the Coast

Mechanics: Area Control ,Dice Rolling ,Partnerships

Theme: Wargame

Players: 2-5 Players

Play Time: 60-180 minutes

Age: 12+

Axis & Allies :Five major powers struggle for supremacy. Germany and Japan are aligned against the great alliance of the United Kingdom, the Soviet Union, and the United States..

From the Manufacturer

Axis & Allies 1941: THE WORLD IS AT WAR! Quick and Convenient: Axis and Allies 1941 is designed to be set up and played more quickly than any previous A&A game. In essence, this is a simplified Axis & Allies experience that will introduce players to the Axis & Allies mechanics and play style. Play time runs between 1.5 to 2 hours. Familiar Mechanics: This game utilizes the Axis & Allies game mechanics present in Axis & Allies 1942 2nd Edition, as designed by Larry Harris (the creator of the original game). New Units: A key feature for enfranchised players is an entirely new set of unit sculpts.

Ideal version to get introduced to the mechanics of Axis & Allies

Definitely on my list of best strategy board games,  Axis & Allies 1941 is designed for 2–5 players. The action take place, as the title indicates it, in 1941. It is a time when the Axis has great momentum and is expanding its conquests in both Europe and Asia.

I would recommend this version of Axis & Allies  to people that want to get introduced gently to the mechanics of the Axis & Allies series. For a start,  Axis & Allies 1941  is much cheaper than the other opus in the series. That can be a deciding factor. If you are not sure whether or not you will like the game but still want to give it a try. You can’t go wrong at that price.

Basically, in  Axis & Allies 1941, the rules have been simplified a little bit, making easier for new players. The board game is also smaller. On the map you can find five capitals: Washington DC, London, Moscow, Berlin and Tokyo. The winner is the first player that captures two enemy capitals..

Faster game play

The introduction of those objectives, the size of the map, the streamlines rules, make Axis & Allies 1941 faster to play and setup. You can finish a game in  between 1 and 3 hours.

New Units introduced in Axis & Allies 1941

Some 16 new  units sculpts are introduced in Axis & Allies 1941 :  P-40 Warhawk, Tiger Tank, AVRO Lancaster, FW-190, IS-2 tank, HMS Hood, He-111, and the Akagi Aircraft Carrier. They can be all used on other Axis & Allies games.


If  you are looking for a fast pace, simplier version of Axis & Allies, I would say go for it, you won’t regret it.

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