Battle Cry (2000)

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Game: Battle Cry (2000 edition)


Designer(s)     Richard Borg

Publisher Avalon Hill, Wizards of the Coast

Mechanics: Dice Rolling ,Hand Management, Modular Board

Theme: American Civil War,Wargame

Players: 2 Players

Play Time: 45 minutes

Age: 10+

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Battle Cry Description:

  • Richard Borg of Florida designed Battle Cry, fast moving, entertaining boardgame recreating famous battles of the U.S. Civil War.  Its simple yet clever system makes this game appealing to the entire family.  The game was released in 2000 by Avalon Hill, a division of Hasbro.Battle Cry
  • The US Civil War made easy!  Perhaps that’s stating it too plainly but the emphasis here is on fun rather than history. Terrain tiles allow you to create plenty of different maps and scenarios on which to recreate portions of Civil War battles. There’s plenty of dice rolling and the battles can often be one-sided but the game is so enjoyable that you can easily play twice, switching sides
  • This is a great 2 players strategy board game for for those passionate about American Civil War.
  • Winner of the 2001 International Gamers Award for General Strategy in the 2-Player category.

15 Civil War battle and skirmishes scenarios

The game rules include  15 Civil War battle and skirmishes scenarios. Each of them focus on important terrain features that were part of the original battlefields:

First Bull Run–21st July, 1861
Pea Ridge–7th March, 1862
Kernstown–23rd March, 1862
Shiloh–6th April, 1862
Gaines Mill–27th June, 1862
Brawner’s Farm–28th August, 1862
Antietam–17th September, 1862
Fredericksburg–13th December, 1862
Murfreesboro–31st December, 1862
Chancellorsville–3rd May, 1863
Gettysburg–2nd July, 1863
Gettysburg–3rd July, 1863
Chickamauga–20th September, 1863
New Market–15th May, 1864
New Hope Church–25th May, 1864


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Boardgame, Wargames


American Civil War, Wargame


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